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Android Training

Android Training

Web Pixel World is a leading android mobile app development company in Dehradun India. We offers excellent web designing and development services in Dehradun India with android mobile development training. Web Pixel World always tries to give the quality services to our clients with new trends and technology in mobile application development. This helps to work on both native and cross platform. It is an app for mobile devices with operating system, middleware and key applications.

  • 100% practical based approach.
  • 3 Months Course Duration( Syllabus + Project )
  • Limited strength of students in each batch
New teachnology skill
Web development 90%
Web Designing 78%
Software development 85%

Our Training courses are designed to make students able to develop small android mobile applications. Web Pixel World is Uttarakhand reckoned IT Company for providing best training and web services in Dehradun India. It is established in the year 2012 with an aim to provide best web designing and web development services in Dehradun with the training on live industrial projects. Our aim is to develop the aptitude of the student through creating a working environment.

We creates an interactive sessions with the mentor and exposure to a plethora of events to develop the skills of the students. Our courses are strategically planned and comprises of Android SDK and native application implementation in Java, C/C++. So, Android aspirants in Dehradun have the opportunity to their dreams come true with Android development.

  • Introduction of Java Fundamentals.
  • Introduction to Android History.
  • Android OS Fundamentals.
  • Understanding Android Project Structure.
  • Android Fragments
  • Intents and Intent Filters
  • Android XML Based Layouts
  • Menu Bar and Action ba and Dialogs
  • Interacting With Database
  • Communication and Networking
  • Location and Google Maps
  • Deploying Android Application on Device

Students will learn effectively with us where the classes commence from setting up the Android Development Environment for fresher. Here you will be ready to develop an Android based mobile applications after completion of our course. We have the right building blocks for your career and your career must be built to your own specifications.

Android is the life line of the industry of mobile software and available in 46 languages. This fast growing industry has the tremendous scope. We are all and millions of people around the globe using the smart phones today. So, a large number of professionals will required to fulfill the operating software requirements. The demand of android professionals will increase in future. In our Android Training in Dehradun all the students will trained on the live projects with the 100% job guarantee. Our course covers below aspects:-

  • Introduction to Android Computing
  • Android History
  • Android Versions
  • Android Platform Architecture
  • Installation of Eclipse and Android SDK
  • Eclipse Architecture [Eclipse Internals]
  • First Android Project
  • Android Life Cycles
  • Introduction of APK Files / DEX Files/AndroidManifest.xml
  • Android Development tools for Eclipse
  • Resources and Content Providers
  • Android Intents and Activities
  • User Interfaces and Controls
  • Menu/Dialogs
  • Debugging and Analysis
  • Security/Permissions in Android
  • Building and Consuming Services
  • Packages/Handlers/Broadcast Receivers/Alarm Manager
  • 2D Animation /Database programming
  • Google Map and Location-Based Services
  • Mapping/MapView/MapActivity
  • Telephony API /Media Frameworks/Sensors/Touch Screen
  • NDK [Android Native Development Kit]
  • Publishing to the Android Market
  • Marketing Android Application
  • XML-Based Layouts/Widgets/XML

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